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Versatility. The quality or state of being versatile.

Wednesday of this week offered numerous occasions of flexibility. Gingerly winding up the narrow steps to reach the Megabus upper deck, I embraced the fact I indeed might need to discard my coffee as there were no cup holders. I was quickly reminded of how we have become a society of comfort and expectation. Megabus graciously provides WIFI and charging plugs, yet I still hoped for more. Cautiously placing my soft luggage bags in the seat in order to collect my thoughts, the idea arrived ‘allow the neck pillow to hold the coffee as you get seated’. I felt like Einstein for a moment. This might seem a 'no brainer' for some, unbeknownst to me, that single move was the catalyst of a day of adaptability.

Jesus was a man of resourcefulness and he was genuinely versatile.

He was able to connect with everyone he came in direct contact with. Regardless of the person’s attitude, presuppositions or response, he met the person right where they were. God often orchestrated divine opportunities where He linked people to meet someone exactly where they were in life and deliver a transformational moment.

He used Elisha to give word to Naaman to dip in the Jordan River that he might be healed 2 Kings 5. He used Esther to save His chosen people Esther 5. He used a donkey to speak to Balaam Num 22:21-39.

Each of God’s creation has been divinely and uniquely fashioned to accomplish more than one thing. Whether you have completed a season of creativity or are in the midst of an overflowing stream, God would have you continuously moving forward to something new. Isa 43:18-20.

As for me, the Christian author event assignment began before its scheduled time with prayer and words of comfort prior to reaching the mall. For a moment, I thought I might would be praying with people until the store closed. This book signing was like none other. As I exited Barnes and Noble at First Colony Mall, an overwhelming sense of gratitude engulfed me and tears pooled in my eyes as I touched the door, completely humbled by all The Father orchestrated.

My heart overflowed with appreciation that God would choose someone like me. A little, skinny, hardheaded, tomboy from the ‘jewel of the Guadalupe’, Seguin, Texas, (by way of Los Angeles) to share The Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ, and release those entangled in the snares and deceit of the enemy.

He met each person who graced my table right where they were. Remarkably, one even looked within Prosperous Living Devotional 365 Journal on particular days to see what the Word was. Each day offered a confirmation he could not deny. God had directly and instantaneously spoke to His situation.

Lovingly, for each person, The Creator provided a word of correction, encouragement, or direction and confirmed situations only He as God could know. There were no restrictions or opposition and complete freedom for flow of the Holy Spirit prevailed the entire time I was in the store. I am yet amazed at the glory of it all.

Be versatile. Be open. Be available to do more than you usually do, or more than others expect. Allow God to have His way with you and He will show you great and mighty things.

We are reminded that we have confidence in possessing the ability to complete every Kingdom assignment and that the Holy Spirit is with us always, leading and guiding Acts 4:30-32; and where God has given vision, He has already made provision for it to come to pass.

It is our hope in Christ which gives us great confidence and the assurance that He will complete every good work He began in each of us Phil 1:6.

Ensure you are not bound by the rigidity of religiosity, instead, that you flow at liberty in the flexibility of Kingdom freedom.